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June 15, 2014

MAGIX Video Pro X6

You may know MAGIX in the U.S. for its broad selection of consumer software for movie and music creation, photo and graphic design, and website creation. Plus MAGIX has a similar portfolio of professional software tools, including the new MAGIX Video Pro X6 video editing software.

MAGIX positions Video Pro X6 as a pro level video editing tool at under $400. You can think of it as occupying the middle ground between consumer and pro, something like Apple's now-discontinued Final Cut Express.

Video Pro X6 stands up well in providing professional video editing features and flexibility at a mid-range price. It's fully 64-bit, with support for 4K and pro cameras, and full of features including multicam editing, stabilization and scalable proxy editing. Additional bonuses make it even more interesting, including nested sequences and travel route animation.

See full article at Videomaker.com -- MAGIX Video Pro X6 Video Editing Software Review.

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