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CES 2014 Wrap

The 2014 edition of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has wrapped in Las Vegas last week.

The big push from the major CE companies were Ultra HD TVs (the next step up to "4K" resolution), and curved and even flexible TVs that provide a more cinematic experience. And the automakers were out in force with the next step in connected cars.

On the PC side, Intel made a big push on 3D motion sensing with its RealSense 3D camera and software, and also promoted laptops that combine Windows and Android, to be ready for either more casual tablet use or intensive PC-focused use.

CES 2014: Demonstration of new 3D technology with a whale above the audience at Intel's CES keynote (CEA)

But Intel's larger focus was on embedding processing into everyday devices, the "Internet of Everything," with the Intel Edison computer on a SD card (yes, literally on a SD card) and the Mimo wireless baby monitor integrated into a onesie baby outfit to sense its respiration, skin temperature, body position, and activity level.

This emphasis on sensors was matched in the Digital Health and Fitness Tech areas, with a profusion of measurement devices and wristbands to track your activity level and monitor your vital signs.

And to make your own stuff, the 3D Printing area on the show floor was very crowded, with cost-reduced and higher-res products, and more emphasis on providing collections of interesting models to print.

The iLounge area with accessories for tablets and smartphones also was a major presence, with astounding varieties of cases, power adapters and batteries, and an unbelievable profusion of wireless speakers -- included some bottle-shaped models to ride in your backpack, bike, or car cup holder.

But my favorite example of new technology leading to useful products is Finsix, which has developed new power switching technology from MIT. This doesn't sound so cool, but the first result is new power adapters that are 1/3 the size and 1/6 the weight of the existing bricks that you need to carry around with your laptop. These are due mid-year, and I can't wait.

See my 2014 International CES Summary article for information on the show, facilities, Las Vegas, exhibits, conference program, and press events, plus links to more information and press / blog coverage.

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