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Adobe Premiere Elements 12

The Adobe Elements line of consumer video editing and photo editing tools is into its second decade with the release of Premiere Elements 12 and Photoshop Elements 12.

This annual update is not a major new overhaul or a wildly new interface. Instead, it continues Adobe's focus for Elements in two areas, organizing assets and refinement of the interface. It also continues Adobe's practice of adding fun new technology automation like the one-click Auto Smart Tone that learns your editing preferences for photos and videos.

Both applications also feature cloud integration with the Adobe Revel mobile apps to save your media in online albums to view on mobile apps.

The new Premiere Elements 12 video editor adds new Guided Edits for step-by-step operations, and the intelligent Auto Smart Tone adjustments. It also includes a variety of new assets, including 50 auto-fit soundtracks, 250 sound effects, and four new Hollywood film looks.

You can start with quick storyboard-based video editing on a single track, and then move to Expert mode with a full timeline and large array of tools, ranging from Instant Movie generation from a variety of themes, to playback effects, to Time Stretch and Remapping, to dynamic Motion Tracking.

For more advanced users, it also provides precise control over the application of effects through video adjustment layers that can be stacked on the timeline.

Premiere Elements provides a broad array of powerful tools, but still within an uncluttered interface and with plenty of assistance to understand the options.

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This entry posted on December 1, 2013.

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