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TYLT ALIN Screen Protectors

Screen protectors can be a good idea to protect your smartphone from the scratches and worse that accumulate from use, including banging around in your pocket or bag.

But precisely aligning thin sheets of plastic on a small screen can be an unbelievably aggravating experience, even more so when working with a wet application process.

TYLT, the makers of clever and fun mobile accessories (see earlier posts), have attacked this pain point with the TYLT ALIN Screen Protection System.

It includes both screen protector sheets and an alignment tool for fast, easy, and accurate application.

To put on a screen protector, first slide your device into the ALIN frame.

Then use the tabs on the screen protector sheets to slide them onto the screen, using the guide edge to properly align them.

This is a dry system, so there's no mess. The box also includes a cleaning cloth and a smoothing card to remove bubbles.

The ALIN package includes two different kinds of screen protectors -- three HD Clear and one HD Anti-Glare. You can remove the sheet without leaving any residue on your device, and re-use the Alignment Tool to put on a new sheet.

The TYLT ALIN Screen Protectors are priced at $24.99, and are available for the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S 4.

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Find the TYLT ALIN Screen Protectors on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on October 2, 2013.

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