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Kribbitt Universal iPad and Tablet Support Stand

You got your metal stands, and your plastic stands -- built solid to securely hold your smartphone or tablet.

Then there's the Kribbitt Universal iPad and Tablet Support Stand -- something definitely different if you want more flexibility in setting up a tablet to view or play.

Out of the box the Kribbitt stand looks like a spaghetti mix of curved wires. But as you pick it up and start to play, it begins to separate out into components.

There's the base built around a center support bar, with the front and back legs each formed from twisted wire.

The tablet nestles in the cradle on the front, and then you can adjust the legs for any viewing angle. The center bar even has wing nuts on the ends to adjust the tension.

Then, to hold your tablet securely, there's a bungee cord with another twisted wire to hook over the top of the tablet, and then adjust until it's held firmly.

The wires are enclosed in colorful plastic tubing, which provides a firm grip -- both for holding the tablet snugly, and for sitting securely on surfaces.

Then comes the fun part -- adjusting the Kribbitt to your personal preferences.

For hands-free use you can set it up for landscape or portrait orientation, adjust the viewing angle, squeeze the cradles to fit different tablet thickness, and even tweak the legs to level on uneven surfaces.

For more personal use, you can rest the Kribbitt on your leg by pulling the front and back legs further apart. And it provides a firm grip when you are holding it.

The Kribbitt Universal Tablet Support Stand works with the iPad and other tablets. It's available for $39.95, in black, silver, green, blue, and pink.

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Find the Kribbitt Tablet Support Stand on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on September 23, 2013.

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