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Damson Twist Wireless Bluetooth Surface Speaker

Damson Audio is a new company from the UK that develops wireless speakers that transmit sound through the surface that they are sitting on -- The surface acts as the diaphragm, so you hear and feel the sound.

Damson's Incisor Diffusion Technology amplifies through resonating surfaces such as wood, glass, metals, or cardboard. So you can have lots of fun experimenting with spreading the sound on a table, box, car hood, window, refrigerator, or even through a coffee cup.

The Damson Twist wireless Bluetooth speaker packs this idea into a solid aluminum cylinder, roughly half the height of a small soda can, and the weight of a full can (2 1/4 in. radius, 2 3/4 in. high, 12 oz.).

It has a sleek, minimalistic design, with no buttons.

Simply twist to play, and it will connect to your Bluetooth device (phone or tablet) -- and music playback will resume without you having to push or tap or select anything.

The Twist has an input 3.5mm jack so you also can use it with any wired device (like a laptop), plus line out to daisy chain. It charges though microUSB, and plays up to 4 hours wireless, or 9 hours wired.

The Damson Twist is available for $69.99, in black, blue, red, or silver.

There's also a Mounting Bracket accessory with a suction cup for $24.99, to use the Twist on vertical surfaces (see photo). It screws into the metal threaded base on the Twist for a secure fit.

Than you can resonate on glass, or the fridge, or in a car -- or on a window, so you can hear the sound on both sides.

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Find the Damson Twist Wireless Speaker on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on September 15, 2013.

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