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[Fuse]Chicken Une Bobine Flexible Cable / Stand

The [Fuse]Chicken Une Bobine is a clever idea, nicely executed, albeit oddly named.

It's a standard iPhone or microUSB cable for charging / syncing your smartphone -- that's also a stand, since it's built from a flexible metal goose-neck cable strong enough to hold the phone.

So maybe you should instead think of it as a poseable smartphone stand that also happens to be a USB cable.

With the Bobine you can securely position your phone horizontally or vertically, placing it lower for reading or watching videos, or higher for FaceTime video conferencing. It also can hold the phone steady for shooting photos or videos, or can position the phone in the car.

The Bobine comes in two sizes, the Une Bobine with a 2 foot cable for $30, and the Petite Bobine with a 1 foot cable for $28. Each is available in two models, with a microUSB connector or with the Apple 30-pin dock connector for iPhone or iPod touch. An additional Lightning cable adapter for the iPhone 5 is coming soon.

Une Bobine is the creation of [Fuse]Chicken, an Ohio-based designing and engineering studio that funded the product development as a Kickstarter project.

Oh, and the name is French for "A Coil". Nice twist.

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This entry posted on October 20, 2012.

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