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SOL Republic - Tracks Interchangable Headphones

Headphones have evolved into a very interesting category for this holiday season. The technology is great (see earlier post) -- so the sound more and more becomes a matter of personal preference. But even more, the design options have proliferated (see earlier post) -- offering more variety to fit your personal style.

And some companies are going further, with configurable designs that let you more fully customize your own look.

The new SOL Republic Tracks headphones take this approach up to 11 -- with separate interchangeable headbands, pairs of ear speakers, and cables, available in a variety of colors to mix and match.

You start with the FlexTech headbands, available in an array of colors: red, white, black, purple, grey, blue, orange, and pink. These have a very clean look -- a simple polymer curve with a soft cushion in the top. They're strong enough to hold securely on your ears, but also highly flexible and even bend and twist, so you don't have to worry about damaging them. The headbands are available individually for $29.99.

Then add the Sound Engine ear speakers, which slide onto the ends of the headband so you can adjust them to fit your ears. SOL Republic offers two options for the speakers: the V8 model in black for $69.99, with "deep bass and high clarity," or step up to the V10 model in chrome for $89.99, with "deeper bass, higher vocal clarity, and crisp vocals."

Finally, plug in your choice of ClearTalk cables to match (or compliment) the headband. These are available in the same eight colors for $19.99, including a mic and single-button controller.

Since you probably want all three components together, you can buy a complete Tracks headset with V8 speaker for $99.99, or the Tracks HD with V10 speaker for $129.99. These include a three-button remote.

With the component design, you even can remove the speakers and use them independently as portable speakers.

So pick your color -- or colors -- and speaker styles, and enjoy the music your way.

See also my summer update on gadgets -- Portable Accessories - Mid 2012 -- for more on portable devices and accessories.

Find the SOL Republic Tracks headphones on Amazon.com

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