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LOKSAK - Better Resealable Plastic Bags

From Park City, Utah comes another great example of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship -- LOKSAK resealable plastic bags.

Well, duh, you think -- What's new with that?

Interestingly, there is indeed a place for something as apparently prosaic as a better plastic bag.

These are resealable element-proof storage bags with a patented leakproof / airtight seal. The hermetic seal keeps out water, air, dust and humidity -- so the bags are certified waterproof to 60 meters / 200 feet.

The bags are tougher too, made from medical-grade film, and puncture resistant. They're temperature rated from -40F to 140F. You even can pour boiling water into the bag to rehydrate or cook food, although you can't place it into boiling water.

As a result, you can use the LOKSAK bags for better kitchen storage, to keep food fresher, or to hold ice or moist wipes.

Plus they're also great to keep water and dust out -- for hikers or riders, or simply for a family day at the beach where you need to protect wallets and documents.

And, of course, the most interesting usage is to protect our electronic devices, from your phone out in the rain to your tablet with the kids in the kitchen. You can use these as normal through the bag, including working on the touchscreen.

LOKSAK now has four different lines of products:
- The original aLOKSAK resealable bags
- OPSAK odor-proof bags with a a new-generation barrier film
- SHIELDSAK R.F. shielded flexible fabric bags with to block electronic signals
- SPLASHSAK nylon carrying cases for neck, arm, and waist to pack the other bags

The aLOKSAK bags are available in sizes from 3 x 6 to 32 x 16 inches, starting at $7.59 for a three-pack. The TSA 9 x 6 in. three-pack is $9.49.

Find LOKSAK bags on Amazon.com

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