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HMDX Jam Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Wireless speakers are great fun -- They bring your music out from your smartphone (or tablet, or laptop), so you can enjoy and share the fuller sound.

But there's always a trade-off between larger (and more expensive) units for bigger and better sound, and staying small enough to be reasonably portable.

The HMDX Jam portable speaker fits nicely in a sweet spot, providing strong sound in a reasonably small package, about 2 1/2 inches in each dimension. At 9 1/2 ounces, the Jam won't travel in your pocket, but fits nicely in a bag or luggage.

It runs up to 4 hours wireless over Bluetooth, or 12 hours wired though the line in connection, and recharges through a microUSB connector.

Plus it's cute -- The jam theme is carried by the tapered cylindrical design, and by the packaging -- a plastic jam jar with screw-on lid.

And the Jam comes in delicious "flavors" -- apple (green), apricot (orange), blackberry (grey), blueberry (blue), grape (purple), and strawberry (red) -- and even include a whiff of the associated scent in the packaging.

The design is sturdy, with the speaker on top, and bottom weighted with a non-skid base so it sits solidly. The ring above the base includes the USB and audio connectors, battery and Bluetooth indicator lights, and small play/pause and volume buttons. (Play/pause stops and starts payback on your device, but the volume controls adjust the volume locally on the Jam -- relative to the current setting on your device.)

Oddly, the Jam plays irritatingly loud noises for power on (3 tones), and for Bluetooth connect / disconnect (beeps) -- and these apparently cannot be quieted or disabled.

But once it's set up, the Jam sweetly pumps out quite loud and good sound from a relatively portable package. They're available in your favorite flavor for around $40.

Find the HMDX Jam Portable Speaker on Amazon.com

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