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Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

Apple has released its first incremental update to Final Cut Pro X, modestly numbered 10.0.1 (see earlier post). This is a start at addressing the anguished response of its customers to this gloriously re-imagined application -- that also lost favorite features and removed support for interchange with other tools (see comments from Apple at Loop and MacWorld).

This is a free upgrade to the $299.99 application, available at the Mac App Store. Apple also now is offering a 30-day free trial for you to try out.

Apple describes this software update as offering the expected improvements to "overall stability and performance," plus:

- For better compatibility with your other tools, it adds project import and export in XML format to third-party applications and a camera import interface for camera manufacturers to write plug-ins for importing native media.

- To assist the editing workflow, it adds full-screen support on OS X Lion, single-step transitions on connected clips, and faster GPU-accelerated export.

- And for more complex projects, it supports shared media and projects and events on Xsan, and new Roles tag to label clips and export as a single movie or as separate stems.

Apple also has pre-announced two important features now promised for "early 2012" -- Multicam editing and broadcast-quality video monitoring.

But there's no news on other key missing features, such as importing projects from previous versions of Final Cut Pro.

See full article: Summary: Apple Final Cut Pro X for more on the re-imagined application.

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New Features in the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 update ...

  • Media Stems Export - Use new Roles tag to label clips and export as a single multitrack QuickTime movie, or as separate stems

  • Projects and Events on Xsan - Multiple users can access shared source media on SAN, create separate projects

  • Custom Project Starting Timecode - Accommodate color bars and tone, or to meet broadcast delivery specifications

  • One-step Transitions on Connected Clips - Without manually creating secondary storyline

  • Full-screen view in Mac OS X Lion - Swipe to navigate to other applications

  • GPU-accelerated foreground export - Faster delivery

  • New Tribute Theme - Four animated titles and matching transition

  • Import and export in XML format - To interchange project and Event information with third-party applications

  • Camera Import SDK - Camera manufacturers can write plug-ins for importing media; Sony is updating its XDCAM EX plug-in for direct native import

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