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Avid Studio for Video Editing Enthusiasts

Video editing for consumers is a tricky business, since the software needs to be easy to use for beginners, and yet have enough depth to allow enthusiasts to grow and experiment. There are simple tools to quickly trim clips and upload online, but if you want to make interesting and creative productions then you need something better -- a more complete interface with a traditional timeline to assemble and layer video and audio, apply interesting transitions and effects, and enhance with titles and animation.

For example, Avid has updated its venerable Pinnacle Studio HD product line to version 15 (see earlier post), with expanded HD format support, performance optimizations, and bundled professional-quality content, starting at $59.

That's an impressive collection of capabilities and technology, and should be enough to keep enthusiasts happy for quite a while. Yet consumer tools can cramp your style as you're being creative, especially with a fixed number of tracks and limited support for managing a growing collection of clips and assets.

So Avid has introduced a new product, Avid Studio, which builds on the familiar and friendly look of Pinnacle Studio, but breaks through typical consumer limits to help organize your assets, correct and edit your clips, assemble layers on the unlimited timeline, and enhance with an extensive package of content and plug-ins. Yet this is still a consumer / enthusiast product, priced at $169, or as a $99 upgrade from Pinnacle Studio.

Even in its first release, Avid Studio is a well-designed step up for advanced enthusiasts, breaking through the sometimes-frustrating limitations of consumer tools to help you be more creative with your productions. It extends the accessible Pinnacle Studio interface style to allow managing larger collections of media assets, more controlled editing of individual clips, and headroom for creative freedom. Plus, it includes an extensive collection of additional content and effects.

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