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Multi-Use TabGrip for iPad

The TabGrip for iPad is something different from protective cases (see previous posts). Instead, it's designed as a multi-functional holder and stand to make using the iPad easy and comfortable.

The TabGip is basically four arms of flexible rubberized plastic with grips that snap onto the middle of each side of the iPad.

The grips are textured and rubberized, for a more convenient and more secure hold whether you are using or carrying your tablet.

The outer sides of the grips are also hinged, and swing open to become stands to position the iPad for typing or for display, in portrait or landscape orientation.

The grips and rubberized back also protect the back of your iPad when it's being handled or put down.

The TabGrip is currently available for $39.99, in classic black. It's a clever design for people who use their iPad a lot, in many different positions and orientations -- standing up and sitting down, in motion for gaming or on a table for typing.

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