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Etch A Sketch Case for iPad

There were lots of TVs and tablets and even major appliances on display at this year's CES conference (see previous post), but the fastest-growing exhibition area was the iLounge Pavilion, with over 200 companies showing iPad, iPhone, and iPod accessories and other iStuff.

The cases on display showed amazing inventiveness -- some were beautiful, or fun, or downright silly.

For example, there's the Etch A Sketch Case from HeadCase, an officially licensed replica of your favorite childhood drawing pad, available for the iPad ($39) and iPhone / iPod touch ($24).

It's a hard case made from impact resistant ABS plastic in that familiar shiny red. The front and back snap together. You then pry them apart with a coin (dime) using two slots on the side.

The case has slots for all the switches, ports, and buttons on your device. The front is thick enough that you need to press down a bit harder to reach the bottom Home button. The back (in black) has tabs to raise the iPad for typing, and even has hole in center that displays the Apple logo, in case you're not sure what's inside the case.

And no, the two white Etch A Sketch dials on the bottom are just decorative, they do not turn.

For the full Etch A Sketch experience, you also can download the official Etch A Sketch app from Freeze Tag (see the App store - basic free version, plus premium and iPad versions).

It supports multi-touch so you can rotate both knobs at once to draw jagged diagonal-ish lines. And yes, you shake the iPad to erase the screen (just be real careful you don't drop it). Unlike the real thing, you even can save your wonderful drawings.

Find the Etch A Sketch Case for iPad on Amazon.com

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