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3D Talk at Princeton

Are you ready for 3D? Have you enjoyed 3D movies? Interested in enjoying 3D movies or games at home?

If you're intrigued by the possibilities of shooting, creating, and sharing your own 3D pictures and videos the good news is that you actually can get started doing 3D with minimal costs and hassle by using your existing gear and displays.

I'm back at the Princeton University IT Seminar series at noon on Wednesday, November 17 for a talk titled Step Out of the Plain -- 3D is the Next Dimension for Consumers.

I'll discuss the 3D market, and explore the history, technology, and formats for stereo viewing. Then I'll review 3D TV and PC products for the home, show cameras for 3D shooting, and demonstrate software for doing your own 3D editing.

And I'll have lots of fun 3D gear to demo, including stereoscopic viewers and 3D images of Princeton and New York. And everybody gets their own pair of 3D red/cyan glasses!

So put on your 3D glasses, and come step out of the plain into the next dimension in entertainment and sharing.

Step Out of the Plain --
        3D is the Next Dimension for Consumers

    Wed., Nov. 17, 2010, 12:00 noon

       Princeton University Lunch 'n Learn Information Technology Seminars
             Frist Campus Center, Multipurpose Room B

This seminar series is free and open to the public -- Bring your lunch, but come early for cookies.

See my accompanying article --
    3D - The Next Dimension
        - Part 1 - Seeing 3D: Market, Technology, Formats
        - Part 2 - Using 3D: Products, Shooting, Editing

- Princeton summary of my presentation
- Princeton podcast of the talk (MP3)
- Full list and links for my talks at Princeton

I'll continue to be presenting talks to local user groups on Gadgets and Trends for 2010, from 3D TV to smartphone apps -- see my presentations schedule

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(Image: Reproduction Holmes style stereoscope viewer)

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