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Panoramic Flip Video - Bower Wide Angle Lens

The first goodie in the new Designed for Flip accessory program (see previous post) is the Bower Wide Angle Magnetic Lens. This expands the field of view of your Flip by .45X, from wide-angle HD to a panoramic view of the scene.

It's a "magnetic" lens because that's how it attaches. The product includes a few magnetic mounting rings -- Peel the back off to attach one around the Flip lens.

You then can attach the lens with its magnetic base on the ring, and have it hold quite securely. There's also a leash with rubber ring you can use to tether the lens, and a soft carrying pouch.

The lens itself is around 3/4 inch deep (about as thick as the body of the UltraHD 2 hour model). It's priced at $49, or around $39 street.

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    Find the Bower Wide Angle Lens on Amazon.com

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