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Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro Mobile Phone Handset

The classics never go out of style, so Native Union has introduced the Moshi Moshi Retro Mobile Phone Handset -- the 50's telephone style lovingly brought back as a handset for mobile phones.

If you tend to chat on your phone at your desk, but don't want a Bluetooth headset stuck in your ear, then you can have the classic feel of a handset and still be able to check your phone as you talk.

The handset is full size, so fits comfortably in your hand, and is finished with a comfortable soft-touch texture. The handset includes noise reduction technology, and has an answer / hang up button in the middle.

The curled cord ends in a 3.5 mm jack, which you can plug in to the iPhone and Blackberry, or you can use adapters to plug in to other phones (different sets of Adaptor Kits are $15). Or use the USB Adapter ($20) to connect to your computer to make Skype calls -- you'll look great on video calls.

The Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro Handset is available in black or red for $29, or $59 with a weighted base. A new line of Pop Phones is also being introduced in pink, yellow, dark purple, dark blue, and green. Native Union also offers a contemporary Curve Handset in wired and wireless Bluetooth models.

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