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Authoring HD Productions to Blu-ray Discs

It's the era of high definition, shooting with equipment from professional video cameras and video DSLRs, to HD consumer camcorders, and even small pocket camcorders.

Video-editing software also has stepped up to the challenge, so you can edit even HD video comfortably on today's computers, from consumer applications like Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 (see earlier post) to professional tools like Adobe Encore CS5 (see earlier post),

But how can you share these productions in their full HD glory? One answer is to export your HD video clips to play back directly on a PC, for example in QuickTime or Windows Media Video format. You also can share online by uploading in HD to video sharing websites, usually in Flash or MPEG-4 / H.264 formats.

Or you can view and share your production in your own home, and with others, in full HD quality on your big widescreen HD display by burning to Blu-ray disc.

With new releases of video tools like Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 and Adobe Encore CS5, you now can choose from several varieties of HD disc designs, from authoring basic Blu-ray discs with DVD-like menu screens, to Blu-ray pop-up menus overlaid on video, and even burning in widescreen AVCHD format to standard DVDs.

For more on your options in using Blu-ray to share your HD productions on physical discs, see my full article, DVD Creation within the Blu-ray Format, Videomaker magazine, August 2010.

Menu editing in Adobe Encore CS5

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