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Preview iPhone Apps from the Web

Apple has updated the App Store within iTunes to allow you to share information about an app through a standard Web browser. This certainly makes it easier for reviewers and even enthusiasts to pass along pointers to interesting apps (see previous post).

When viewing information about a specific app within iTunes, just click on the menu under the application's icon in the top left corner of the screen, and select Copy Link. Then you can e-mail the link, or paste the URL directly into a browser, to view the app information directly over the web -- without needing to run iTunes.

For example, I can now link directly to the Photoshop Mobile app (see previous post).

The app's web page shows the same description, screen shots, and reviews that you see within iTunes itself -- and links back to iTunes to download the app. Unfortunately, you still can't search for apps directly from the web, and while you can link to see related applications, other information like the developer link redirects back to iTunes.

This is an extension of the iTunes Preview feature that Apple apparently introduced last fall, which adds the Copy Link option in the menu for music and videos in the Buy Now menu under the product image.

See, for example, A Colbert Christmas.

It's also time to upgrade iTunes, as Apple has released iTunes 9.0.3, with "a number of important bug fixes."

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