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Google Maps Updated on Android - with Multi-Touch

Google Maps for Mobile has been updated on Android phones to version 3.4 (see Google blog post), with several interesting features:

- Personalized suggestions - Suggests places that you've previously searched for on other Google services (remembered though your Google Account)

- Synchronized starring - Add a star icon next to place names that you can tap to mark, and these starred places then will be automatically synchronized between desktop and mobile maps (again though your Google Account)

- Night mode in Navigation - Automatically enabled when night falls at your location

Oh, and one other feature, not mentioned in the blog post -- Google Maps on Android now supports multi-touch "pinch to zoom" -- like it does on the iPhone. (The zoom +/- overlays also still appear, so you can continue to just tap them directly, or double-tap to zoom in -- -- see Verizon Droid article.)

Yes, Android already does support multi-touch on phones like the Verizon / Motorola Droid, but for some reason this feature was not enabled in applications even in the Android 2.0 release -- although some individual third-party apps like the Dolphin Browser do use it.

It seems the omission is changing.

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