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Compress and Deliver with Sorenson Squeeze 6

With all the different ways to share your videos these days, do you find yourself spending more and more time converting files to different formats with your video editor, and waiting for files to be compressed?

Then take a look at Sorenson Squeeze, a stand-alone video encoding tool that is designed to off-load your compression work (see post on previous version). Instead of exporting and compressing each clip from your video editing tool, you can use Squeeze to package up compression jobs, taking a group of clips and encoding them into multiple delivery formats.

Sorenson Squeeze version 6 was released in November, and expands Squeeze into a "total workflow solution for video professionals" -- to not only encode and publish video files on the Internet, but now with email and text notifications of job completion and an integrated review and approval process.

Squeeze supports direct publishing to social media sites, such as YouTube and Twitter, and content delivery networks, including Akamai and Limelight. And it includes a complimentary one-year Review & Approval account to the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network.

The base Squeeze engine also adds optimized video codecs, for H.264 and VP6, and new filters for improved video quality and encoding speed. The interface also has been updated for direct access to the various features. Sorenson also has developed a Preset Exchange site to import additional professional "video encoding recipes" or presets.

You can download trial versions of Squeeze 6 and Sorenson 360

See my full article - Walkthrough: Sorenson Squeeze 6 for more on what's new in Squeeze 6 and a walkthough of the workflow and interface.

And see Jan Ozer's Test Drive article for compression speed and quality results

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Update: See review article for Videomaker Magazine -- Sorenson Squeeze 6 Reviewed

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