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Jack It Up: Verbatim Easy Riser Adjustable-Height Mobile Mice

It's interesting that we ended up interacting with computers by dragging a block around on a table. It just has turned out that sliding a mouse around is more comfortable than lifting up your arm to touch the screen, and more practical than talking to your machine, especially in public.

And even though laptops have touch pads, it's still often more convenient to use a separate mouse. But you may find that full-size mice are bulky for travel, and miniaturized mice are uncomfortable for prolonged use.

So try out the new Verbatim Easy Riser line of adjustable-height mobile mice. These are not quite transformers, but they do jack up to provide for more comfortable handling.

The basic Easy Riser mouse design closes up for travel into a basic tapered block with rounded edges, symmetric for right or left hand use. When you use the mouse, you can lift up the back to provide more height and a better fit for your hand. The scroll wheel also is programmable, to click for favorites.

The Verbatim Easy Riser line is available in three models:

  • Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, no separate receiver, $39
  • Nano Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz wireless technology, $34
  • USB Retractable Wired Mouse, long retractable cord, $19

The Nano includes a tiny USB receiver (see photo) that you can leave plugged in to the laptop, or stores in a slot in the back of mouse.

The Easy Riser mice come in a clean silver and black design, with "invisible" left and right buttons. Jack it up and add your own racing stripes as desired.

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