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Protecting Your iPod nano - Griffin iClear Cases

Apple's iPod designs are beautiful objects, particularly the iPod nano -- so clean and slim and graceful, and in happy vivid colors. It's almost a shame to actually use your nano, and risk getting it roughed up or scratched from banging around in your bag or pocket.

So you want to protect your precious object, but it would be a crime to enclose it in a standard case, which would cover up the attractive coloring that you selected, or bulk up the svelte design with padding.

One possible answer is to wrap your device with an adhesive protective film like ZAGG invisibleSHIELD to protect it from scratches (see previous post). Or you can protect the back from scarring with a snap-on cover like the Belkin Micra Cases (see previous post). This kind of transparent polycarbonate case also can be decorated with fun designs or patterns that play off the nano's original colors.

The new iPod nano generation 5 introduces another issue for cases and covers -- even though the player looks to be the same size (albeit with a larger screen), the new built-in camera adds a lens to the formerly pristine back of the device (see previous post).

So Griffin Technology has responded by expanding its iClear line of cases with new designs for the new iPod nano. These cases are a clear polycarbonate hard shell, with two pieces that snap together over the back and the front of your device. It has cut-outs to provide access to the click wheel and the camera lens, and the top and bottom ends are open for the hold switch, headphone jack, and dock connector. The result is durable protection for your player, including the screen, without too much additional bulk.

- The iClear cases are available for iPod models including classic, touch, and nano; the iPhone; plus Zune, Sansa, and BlackBerry. The nano gen 5 case is $19.99, or $29.99 with removable clip and armband.

- The iClear Shade for $24.99 overlays the original color of your nano with an ombre shaded finish, with a graduated tint that fades from clear to dark grey.

- The iClear Sketch for $24.99 adds a variety of decorative translucent designs, from patterns like Plaid, Tartan, Camo, and Baroque, to images like Pipeline (waves), Summit (mountains -- shown here), Landmark (N.Y. City), and 8-bit (space invaders).

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    Find the Griffin iClear cases on Amazon.com

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