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Sharing Photos on Portable Devices

Got pics in your pocket? You don't need to carry snapshots in your wallet anymore, much less a photo album in your bag -- That's so last decade!

Today's portable electronic devices can make great photo viewers, some with slideshows and background music.

Just take full advantage of the capabilities of the devices you're probably already using:

- Since you're already carrying a mobile phone, add a memory card to store your favorite photos, or to take advantage of the larger displays on smartphones. Then access your photos online at sharing and social media websites.

- Sync to your Apple iPod or other portable media player. With expanding screen sizes, re-doubling storage capacity, and the processing power to play videos, today's media players can provide a great interface for sharing a photo collection.

- Do more the new E-book readers like the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book. These not only display books and other document files, they play audiobooks and music, and display illustrations and photographs. And with built-in cellular data service, the Kindle even has a basic Web browser (see previous post).

- You may not have noticed if you're not in the target demographic, but handheld gaming systems like the Sony PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS line have been expanding from gaming to more general entertainment devices, with photos, multimedia playback and wireless connectivity.

- And don't forget your digital camera. With bigger displays and expanding storage capacity, you can save lots of photos to browse and view on the road. And new cameras make sharing even better, with bigger displays that are easier to view better outdoors, even in direct sunlight, and the beginning of wireless connectivity to upload to photo sharing sites and display online galleries on the camera (see previous posts on the Sony DSC G3 Wi-Fi camera and Eye-Fi Wi-Fi memory card).

- Beyond pocket devices, Netbook computers are not much more expensive than a high-end smartphone designed for getting online to communicate, browse, and have fun -- including sharing photos and other media (see previous Netbook posts).

Finally, to help with syncing your photo collections between the dersktop, Web, and portable devices, check out applications like Adobe Photoshop Elements that integrates with Photoshop.com and mobile phones (see previous post), and Nero Move it, which has built-in support for converting and transferring file to a wide variety of mobile phones, PDAs, media players, game systems, and even digital cameras and camcorders (see previous post).

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