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Shoot Longer with New Flip Ultra Pocket Camcorder

Flip Video has just introduced its second generation Flip Ultra pocket camcorder, now available in both standard-definition and high-def versions.

Flip has two pocket-sized camcorder models: the extra-tiny Mino (3.3 ounces, see previous posts), and the larger Ultra with removable battery (6 ounces). In addition to the HD version, the new Ultras have a larger screen (2 vs. 1.5 inches), with more memory to shoot twice as long (up to two hours), and the HD version has HDMI output for displaying directly on a HDTV display.

The Mino is a minimalist design that's easy to carry. The Ultra lets you shoot longer for longer trips with more memory and swappable batteries.

As with the other Flips, the Ultras turn on instantly so you can quickly begin shooting with one press of the big red button. You can off-load the video with minimum fuss with the built-in pop-out USB connector, and it even includes built-in FlipShare software for Windows and Mac to save, organize, and edit video and upload directly to MySpace and YouTube.

The new Flip Ultra fits in your front pocket at 4.25 x 2.19 x 1.17 (compared to the Mino at 3.94 x 1.97 x 0.63 inches). The HD Ultra shoots 720p widescreen video (1280 x 720). Both record video in standard H.264 video format, which works with Apple iTunes, QuickTime Player, and Microsoft Windows Media Player.

The standard-def Flip Ultra is available in black, white, pink, and yellow for $149, and the HD version in black and white is $199.

Check the Flip site to compare the Flip products

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    Find the 2nd-gen Flip Ultra and UltraHD on Amazon.com

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