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Monster Turbine Earphones -- First Bass

The Monster Turbine Earphones, introduced earlier this year, are designed as "high-performance in-ear headphones," featuring "specially engineered drivers that deliver impeccable audiophile-quality sound." And priced at $149, they had better deliver, since they cost half again as much as some other quite good earphones that are closer to $100.

The Turbines certainly have a great presentation with very nice packaging, framing the earphones and a compact protective case in a soft inner liner. And they look great, with black chrome all-metal housings with a touch of blue and red stripes (for the left and right ears, respectively).

Monster touts these as having full dynamic range even from low-power MP3 players, with clean response for low, medium, and high frequencies -- from low-end bass, to mid-range vocals and instruments, to high-end percussive sounds.

But the big detail you immediately notice with the Turbines is the bass -- it's much stronger and fuller than you're probably used to being able to hear with typical earphones.

Partially as a result, the stereo field also feels wider with the Turbines -- the sound seems to fill a bigger space. If you compare the Turbines with another earphone by putting one in each ear the sound feels off-balance -- the other earphones feel harsher, especially without the full low end.

You may not need this kind of performance if you're using your MP3 player on the subway, but for more attentive listening the difference in the Turbines, especially the fuller bass, can be startling.

The Monster Turbine Earphones include multiple sizes and shapes of ear tips to seal out noise and a tangle-resistant cable.

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