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New Fit Earbuds for the Aliph Jawbone

The Aliph New Jawbone Bluetooth headset continues to set the standard in noise reduction with its adaptive "Noise Shield" technology (see previous post).

However, the trick to the Jawbone design is the Voice Activity Sensor -- a small nub on that back that needs to touch your face to sense when you are speaking, the help separate your voice from the background noise.

As a result, fit is very important with the Jawbone -- It needs to be kept angled diagonally toward your mouth, and snug on your cheek. So you can't just hang the Jawbone loosely on its earloop, instead you need to find an earbud that fits snugly in your ear opening.

To help get a good fit, the Jawbone comes with a selection of earbuds in different sizes, and two styles of earloops, with soft leather coating and slim earloops use with for eyewear. (See the Jawbone site for instructions and videos on getting a good fit.)

But it's your ears, and different people are comfortable with different kinds of fit for their daily ear wear. So Aliph has introduced the New Fit Earbuds, designed to hold the Jawbone snugly without needing to be inserted inside your ear, and to also allow you to wear the Jawbone without an earloop.

The New Fit earbuds have a double loop, with a soft center section that does not insert deeply into your ear, and an integrated loop that hooks in the folds of your outer ear, and acts like a spring to help orient the headset, gently pushing it towards the cheek.

The new earbuds have been in beta for a few months, and are now available from the Jawbone site for free (in a set with 3 sizes) -- with a $2.99 shipping and handling charge.

See my Audio Accessories Gallery for details and related products.

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This entry posted on February 7, 2009.

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