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Innovelis BudFits - No More Ear Wedgies with iPod Earbuds

Sometimes it's just simple things that make sense, like the Innovelis BudFits -- over-the-ear adapters for Apple iPod and iPhone earbuds, available in several colors for around $9.

Yes, the Apple earbuds work fine for casual listening. But, like other in-ear earphones, you need to insert them firmly into the ear so they stay seated, especially when you're moving around. But that pressure and friction in your ear can be wearing after a while, . And, even with a tight fit, in-ear earbuds can slip out when you are doing physical activities like running or cycling.

The BudFits stop the ear wedgies for iPod earbuds. They are made from soft, flexible plastic -- just snap them onto the iPod earbuds, and slip the earpiece over the ear -- the earbud then can be nestled gently in the outer ear, instead of being inserted deeper into the ear canal. As a bonus, the cord wraps in a channel up and around the back of the ear, so it's more out of the way.

The result is a comfortable fit that still works when you're on the go. Easy!

The BudFits are designed specifically to fit Apple iPod (or iPhone) earbuds. The base is sized to snap around the post at the base of the Apple design (with the light gray band). They could therefore work with other earphones with a similarly sized design.

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