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Sleek Audio SA6 Modular Earphones

Some like it hot. Some like it cool. We all have our own individual preferences on how we listen to music -- which also depends on the type of music, from cool jazz to hot rock, vocal to orchestral, simple unplugged to deeply layered. As you experiment with different speakers and headphones you can find your favorites that match the acoustic profile for what you're listening to, and how you want to listen to it.

Or, you can get earphones that let you customize the sound of music, like the Sleek Audio SA6 acoustically adjustable in-ear earphones. These feature Sleek's tunable VQ technology, with interchangeable bass and treble tuning elements.

The interchangeable tuning ports are small cores that are inserted in the back of the earphone (bass) and under the ear tip (treble).

The three tuned bass ports (plus, neutral, minus) are speced to provide 10 dB difference at 20 Hz for low frequency. And the four treble ports offer sustained high frequency or smoother response with less upper high end, a new extended high frequency element.

The product also includes three pairs of noise isolating soft ear canal tips and a 50-inch detachable cable that can be worn in three ways: with the cord up over the ear, or down, or worn upside down with the cable lying at the cheek for small ears.

The Sleek Audio SA6 is available for around $299.

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