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More Memory for Apple iPod touch and iPhone

More memory for portable media players --
Apple has added a 32 GB model for the iPod touch,
and a 16 GB model for the iPhone.

The iPod touch line now has 3 models:
    32 GB $499, 16 GB $399, and 8 GB $299.

And the iPhone now comes in 2 models:
    16 GB $499 and 8 GB $399.

What can you do with 32 GB of storage?

- Apple estimates you can carry up to 7,000 songs, 25,000 photos, or 40 hours of video.

- SanDisk also has a new 32 GB version of its Sansa View for $349, which it estimates holds 48 two-hour movies or 8,000 songs (using different assumptions for compression formats.

In three just years, flash memory has caught up to hard disk -- The original small media players based on flash memory like the original iPod shuffle from February 2005 had only 512 MB of memory (for $99), rated to hold a whopping 120 songs. And the original iPod from fall 2001 had only a 5 GB hard disk, which grew by early 2005 so the iPod Photo could make the jump from 40 to 60 GB (for $499 and $599).

Also, as announced earlier, the iPod touch adds a $19.99 upgrade with several of the iPhone networked applications omitted from the first product: Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather, and Notes.

See my Portable Media Players Gallery for details and comparisons.

    Find the Apple iPod touch
    and SanDisk Sansa View on Amazon.com

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