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Adobe Audition 3

Adobe has released the new version of Adobe Audition 3, its flagship stand-alone tool for professional audio production -- recording, mixing, editing, and mastering.

Adobe replaced Audition in the Adobe Creative Suite 3 collection last year with the new Adobe Soundbooth, which provided task-based tools for everyday audio editing and cleanup, sound design, and music creation.

Meanwhile, Audition continued as an independent high-end audio editing tool, designed for professionals including sound designers, recording and mastering engineers, and musicians.

Audition 3 picks up some of the enhancements in Soundbooth, with improvements to individual features, and in enhanced performance and more efficient workflow:

- Quicker and more powerful editing with direct on-clip drag-and-drop editing. And the amazing Frequency space / Spectral editing view now supports the Photoshop-like Effects Paintbrush and Spot Healing Brush.

- New effects and tools including Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, Mastering tool, and Tube-modeled Compressor, along with iZotope time stretching. Plus improved noise reduction and phase correction tools.

- MIDI support, with a piano roll editor for recording and mixing MIDI tracks, using industry-standard VSTi virtual instruments.

Bottom line: While Audition 3 is not a huge re-write or re-design of the product, it provides a broad range of significant enhancements that make it well worth the upgrade -- for more powerful tools, time-saving editing, and enhanced performance.

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