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Turbo Charge - Squared

Got the low power blues? Is your cell phone battery indicator blinking on its last bar? Need more juice, but out of time to stop by an outlet for a pick-me-up? What you need is portable power -- batteries, plus a compatible adapter to connect to your particular device.

And that's what Turbo Charge does -- and now in two models: the original single-battery version, and the new Turbo Charge Squared (TC2) with two batteries.

The original Turbo Charge could keep your phone working after it ran low, and give it a boost, but it was not designed to fully recharge. The new TC2 provides more power -- hundreds of hours to help keep you going (Lithium batteries recommended).

The Turbo Charge Squared is available in three versions, all priced around $24 to $29:

- Portable Cell Phone Charger, with 8 adapters for all popular cell phones
- Portable Charger for iPod, with 30-pin iPod connector for iPod, iPod nano, iPod mini models
- Portable Game Charger, with adapters for PSP, and the Gameboy Advance SP, Micro, DS, and DS Lite

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    Find the Turbo Charge T2 Cell Phone Charger and iPod Charger on Amazon.com

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