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Trek-Tech TrekPod Adjustable Hiking Staff / Tripod

I've found monopods tremendously useful for informal shoots -- They're much easier to collapse and carry than a full tripod, and I can just sit in the audience at an event and shoot quietly with my camcorder on a stick. It's even possible to pan and zoom a bit without being too obtrusive. However, holding the stick steady can get tiring though a long concert, and it's surprisingly difficult to ensure that you're not drifting off vertical with a small tilt.

If this approach appeals to you, check out the best of both worlds -- the Trek-Tech TrekPod -- a line of monopods that you also can use as a walking stick, and then open with a set of tripod legs. Plus they include an innovative MagMount quick-release magnetic mount-demount system.

The base TrekPod design includes an adjustable hiking staff with cushioned palm grip and adjustable height. The bottom section is actually three tripod legs held together with a Velcro strap -- zip off the strap and they open to a diameter of 22 inches.

The MagMount attachment system uses a powerful rare earth neodymium magnet -- just screw the one plate into your camera to quickly mount and unmount from the TrekPod head. The MagMount is rated to hold up to 9 pounds -- It's strong enough that you can't remove a bare mount with your hands; you need to screw in a camera to get enough leverage. You also can unscrew the MagMount head to expose a standard 1/4"-20 mounting stud, if desired. (In case you're worried, Trek-Tech reports the magnetic field will not damage cameras and media.)

The original Trek-Tech TrekPod extends from 47 to 62.5 inches as a monopod, or 43 to 57.5 inches as a tripod ($139.99).

The new Trek-Tech TrekPod Go! enhances the product with a collapsible design that fits in an overhead carry-on, packing into the case at 23 x 4 x 2.5 inches and 28 ounces ($199.99). The height range extends some 4 inches lower. The mounting mechanism also is upgraded to the MagMount AR/i - adding Anti-Rotation stops with 30 degree Indexing.

Trek-Tech also offers the T'Pod mini tripod ($79.99) and accessories including the VersaMount clamping arm ($19.99) and WindowMount Plus pan and tilt MagConnect window mount system ($59.99).

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