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Power from Audio Jack: Inflight Power Recharger Cable

Have you ever been trapped on an endless journey -- the eternally-delayed airplane flight, or the bus ride to forever? Your only solace is to lose yourself in your favorite music from your portable player -- but then the batteries start running dry! Your nightmare can be over with the Inflight Power Recharger Cable -- which actually generates power from the standard audio jack on passenger seats in planes, trains, and buses.

The Inflight Power Cable converts the audio signal into USB power, so it works with devices including cell phones, smart phones, music players, and game players using existing USB charging cables.

The unit charges in cycles, trickle charging for 3 to 5 minutes, and then outputting power to the attached device. You also can insert 2 AA batteries to provide additional continuous power.

The charger works best with strong audio signal -- loud music, at full volume. Inflight would like to see airlines provide a dedicated "Charging Tone" signal, and provides a sample clip that you can download to test with -- to charge your iPod from itself by playing the 500HzPowerTone clip.

The Inflight USB Power Unit is priced at $34.99, and is also available with adapter tips for iPod/iPhone or Blackberry ($44.95), and iPod plus USB mini B ($49.99, i.e., for many small MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets).

You also can get USB adapter tips for a wide range of other devices from the MDI SynCh line -- see previous post on the USB Power Adapters - MDI Syncharger.

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