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Adobe CS3 -- Soundbooth and Audition

The new Adobe Creative Suite 3, now available on Windows and Macintosh, includes the CS3 Production Premium suite of video tools -- with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Encore for DVD, plus the new Soundbooth for audio (replacing Audition in the suite), plus the new tools from Serious Magic: OnLocation for video monitoring and recording. and Ultra for video keying.

- See the updated Adobe Creative Suite 3: Applications, Suites, New Features article for details on the suites and Production video applications.

Besides audio recording, editing, and enhancement, Adobe Soundbooth includes a new AutoComposer feature to create customized music using customizable Soundbooth Scores, adjusting the length, mood, and instrumentation to match your production.

You can use the Adobe-provided scores, or now create your own scores -- Adobe has just released the Soundbooth AutoComposer Toolkit with tools and documentation for content developers to create their own Soundbooth Scores for use with the Soundbooth AutoComposer feature.

- See Adobe Soundbooth: Audio for Video for an overview of this new sound tool for video editors.

Meanwhile, Adobe Audition continues as an independent high-end audio editing tool on a separate development schedule.

The new Audition 3 also was just announced, and is due before the end of the year. It provides improved multitrack editing, new effects, enhanced noise reduction and phase correction tools, and VSTi virtual instrument support. You can now edit in the amazing spectral frequency mode with paintbrush selection and healing brush.

- See Hart Shafer's Adobe Audition blog for more information.

See the Video Editing Software Gallery and DVD Authoring Software Gallery for information and links to editing and authoring tools.

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