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IPTV and Internet Video

IPTV and Internet Video is targeted to non-technical managers and executives in broadcast and multimedia companies, to provide an introduction to IPTV and Internet Video networks and applications -- terms, market, and the business of IPTV and Internet broadcast distribution.

The book is part of the NAB Executive Technology Briefings series published by the National Association of Broadcasters and Focal Press.

It is written by Wes Simpson and Howard Greenfield, experienced consultants, writers, and speakers in video and telecommunications.

The book begins with an explanation of using IP (Internet Protocol) for video, comparing broadcast-like IPTV to Internet Video clips. The chapters also include very helpful "Reality Check" segments that go beyond the general discussion to look in more detail at specific real-world applications and case studies, for example, showing how a company like MobiTV blurs the lines between the IPTV and Internet Video categories.

The authors then drill down into more detail on business models and required technology, examining issues and trade-offs for areas including IP transmission, compression, quality and security, servers, bandwidth, and set-top boxes.

The book concludes by looking at the business of setting up video service over the Internet, including types of streaming, system architecture, commercial components, content creation workflow, and related business issues. The final chapter then explores possible future extensions of these trends, particularly into mobile devices.

IPTV and Internet Video provides a comprehensive overview of the market and technology for Internet video services, and should be helpful to anyone who wants to understand the big picture, with sides of additional detail as required.

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Contents and more details below ...

IPTV and Internet Video:

    Expanding the Reach of Television Broadcasting

   (NAB Executive Technology Briefings)

by Wes Simpson and Howard Greenfield

Focal Press, March 19, 2007, $39.95
    Paperback, 264 pages, ISBN 0240809548


Chapter 1 - Why Use IP for Video?
Chapter 2 - IPTV vs. Internet Video
Chapter 3 - Business Models
Chapter 4 - IP - The Internet Protocol
Chapter 5 - Video Compression
Chapter 6 - Maintaining Video Integrity
Chapter 7 - IPTV Hardware Technologies
Chapter 8 - IPTV Software Technologies
Chapter 9 - Internet Video Technologies
Chapter 10 - The Future

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