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Archos Portable Media Players

Archos has introduced a new latest Generation 4 line of hard disk-based media players focused on a larger-screen experience, video capture, and wireless connectivity.

The Archos 404 has a 3.5 in. screen and 30 GB for $299 with a stereo headphone mini-jack, and TV output jack, and supports voice recording. Archos also offers a model with an integrated camera.

The Archos 504 is bulked up in capacity with up to 160 GB of storage (40 GB $349, 80 GB $399, 160 GB $599). It sports a 4.3' in. widescreen display (480 x 272).

The Archos 604 sports a 4.3 in. widescreen display (480 x 272), with 30 GB for $349. It also offers a model with built-in Wi-Fi for $449.

The Archos 704 adds wireless networking for sharing and streaming media (80 GB $549). It has a 5 x 7-inch touch-screen (800 x 480).

The new Archos line also goes beyond playback and audio recording to offer video recording with a separate Archos DVR Station module that can be added to the players to even offer scheduled recording,

See full article: Archos Portable Media Players / Recorders

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This entry posted on April 1, 2007.

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