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Video and DVD Formats: InterVideo DVD Copy 5 Platinum

So many video formats -- discs and files, video and audio, set-top and PC and portable, high-res HDV to TV-quality MPEG to tiny portable screens. How can you make sense of them all, figure out the right format for a particular purpose, and then get your clips converted properly? For discs there's DVD -- R and RW, dash and plus, single and double layer, and even VR. And for files there's Windows Media Video (WMV), the MPEG-1 and -2 standards, and now MPEG-4, plus AVC and 3GPP versions. Arrg!

Sometimes you don't want to edit video and discs -- you just want to assemble, copy, and convert them. This calls for a dedicated tool like the new InterVideo DVD Copy 5 for Windows, which can grab video from discs and/or files, convert among a zillion formats, and deliver the results by burning discs or creating new movie files.

Full article: Video and DVD Formats: Copying and Converting with InterVideo DVD Copy 5 Platinum

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This entry posted on January 30, 2007.

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